Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some Place...

Some place some where,
Come with me i'll take you there,
To a world that is completely new,
A paradise waiting just for you.

Let go those messed up stories,
Just have those sweet memories,
Let me be an angel and take you somewhere,
I promise sweet songs, lovely talks and caring words will be there.

Forget all sorrows let there be fun,
Let me promise you a world of the rising sun,
This promise is only for few,
A small gift from me to you.

A place where you will enjoy and not fear,
A place with all smiles and not a single tear,
A place where nobody has been,
Come with me to a paradise unseen.

A silent wish to take you there,
Some place somewhere,
A place as pure as dew,
A place where all dreams come true.

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